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On the SAS website! Here’s all the infos about our activities.


SAS is proving a popular way of drawing our yougsters in this age group together on alternate Friday evenings, to wind down, have fun, build friendships, and make connections between their lives and the Christian faith.

The aim is to help them discuss, challenge and find answers to some of the major issues facing them – as seen from a Christian perspective. 

Our group now boasts its own Website and Facebook page, thanks to the efforts of our new and eager Webmaster, Johan Crocoll!  We look forward to moves and merriment, to growth and grace, and to our retreat as well as the summer SAS camp.

Thanks to our Youth Worker, Calen Gayle, and the team of committed parents for heading up this group.

Calen Gayle

Calen Gayle

Director of SAS



2 + 12 =

Johan Crocoll

Johan Crocoll

Webmaster, photographer, designer. Do contact him for more infos :)!

15 + 3 =

Ted Talbot

Ted Talbot

Founder of SAS

7 + 1 =